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Contract Negotiator application

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We at Day Translations specialize in languages, driven by a passion for linguistics and culture that transcends every document we translate and every customer experience we create.

We are looking for a Price Negotiator who will negotiate with interpreters and translators for their services. The goal is to get the best and fairest rate for all parties and to save money for the corporation. Your duties will be to source, recruit, and train and negotiate with potential interpreters and translators for rates that Day Translations is looking for.

Price Negotiator Position’s Responsibilities:
1. Source and recruit interpreters worldwide.
2. Source and recruit translators worldwide.
3. Negotiate the rates of the interpreters.
4. Negotiate the rates of the translators.

Price Negotiator Position’s Requirements:
1. At least 2 years of experience in sales or negotiations.
2. Highly skilled in the ability to negotiate prices, contracts, and hourly rates.
3. Able to work in a high paced environment.
4. Strong communication skills with close attention to detail
5. Results-driven approach and good business and sales-oriented thinking

Join Our Talented Global Team:
Our company is founded upon the principles of hard work, professionalism, formality and respect. We actively celebrate culture and aim to bring peace and respect to the world through our language services. If this sounds like the place for you, then please proceed.

Remote Working Position – This is a full time job and you will be working remotely from your own home or office. If you’re interested in a long-term career with Day Translations, please apply.