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Recruiting Manager Application

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Job Description

We are a growing translation company in need of an experienced, professional and hard-working HR Manager. To be clear, you will be starting off learning from the other HR managers, but you will grow into a leadership position with dedication and hard work. We need someone who is educated, humble and with experience in HR, Recruiting people, interviewing, organizing, pay structure, budgeting the salaries, and much more.


You will be doing all of these duties and more.

1.  Answering applicants

2. Writing extensive and detailed job ads.

3.  Reading resumes and evaluating cover letters.

4. Background checks.

5.  Salary negotiation and Salary Budgeting.

6. Organization of the steps and methods for application.

7.  Attracting talent, posting ads and sourcing leads from different job boards.

8. You will be asked to do much more and your responsibilities will grow. If you don’t like doing things outside of your job scope, do not apply.

Remote Working Position – This is a full time job and you will be working remotely from your own home or office. If you’re interested in a long-term career with Day Translations, please apply.

Applicants that do not complete all fields as per instructions will not be considered.